New Homes in Fort Myers

The delightful region of Southwest Coastal Florida has never been more popular! Whether you are a Floridian looking for your next home or you live somewhere else in the Upper 49 and are ready to call Florida your home or vacation setting, many people are looking for a new home in Fort Myers for all the right reasons: the beautiful beaches along the Gulf, wonderful year-round weather, recreational kayaking, sailing, fishing and watching wildlife, a bustling economy, a well-supported infrastructure, an excellent school system with Ft Myers High School consistently ranked in the Nation's Top 100 High Schools, access to high quality healthcare, an unmatched civic spirit and pride, proximity to Florida's major highways and its own regional airport provide the winning combination for your next home location.

Maria Coleman Ditty is the perfect real estate agent for this region based upon her own personal experience in moving to this area. Having readily given up Midwest winters for relocation in the Sunshine State in 1999, Maria fell in love with almost everything from Naples through Fort Myers. Maria's particular enthusiasm for showing new homes in Fort Myers is contagious and she has managed to match many of her clients budgets and home wish lists with new homes in Fort Myers.

Maria Coleman Ditty is able to accomplish a successful search for her clients' dream homes because she starts in the right place. She listens. She listens to her clients talk about what their must-haves are for their next home and does not begin to put together a tour of homes until she and her clients have discerned type of home, type of location, budget and lifestyle. When Maria's clients are interested in new homes in Fort Myers, she does a great job planning the search. Maria understands how valuable her clients' time is and works diligently to make the home search focused on all the right things. Given Maria's history of 13+ years of real estate experience in this area combined with how well-established the community of Ft Myers is, Maria's clients have an abundance of options. They can look at condominiums, neighborhood homes throughout the area and homes in gated communities, all within their reach in wonderful Fort Myers. As Maria's clients discern what they are seeking in new homes in Fort Myers, there are several types of new homes to consider:

  • Condominium living with its shared and more simple maintenance is attractive to many home buyers. Whether a home hunter is looking for year-round living or a vacation home, for many home owners the ease of coming and going with a turn-key condo has great appeal.
  • Great neighborhoods have evolved in Fort Myers over the years and a free-standing home in an attractive, friendly neighborhood provides many buyers with the perfect setting for their next home.
  • Gated communities have become extremely popular due to their great planning and design by developers, the abundance of recreational amenities offering a friendly, active, healthy lifestyle and the comfort of built-in security in the community.

If you are thinking about new homes in Fort Myers, Maria Coleman Ditty can make your search a pleasant, successful experience. Maria will work within your budget and put her strong negotiating skills to work for you to get you the best value possible with your purchase. A strong indicator of Maria's topnotch skills is the many satisfied and return clients she serves. Maria wants you to join that list! Contact Maria Coleman Ditty at to give you the best possible real estate experience as you consider new homes in Fort Myers.